The Thera-Cann Story

Getting older seems to be accompanied with more than just wisdom. Aches and pains also come with the territory.

Upon reaching middle age, we found more things to complain about, or rather, more places that hurt too much too much of the time.

One of us had constant backaches, knee pain, foot pain, neck and shoulder pain. The other was suffering from Lyme disease and the accompanying inflammation.

Traditional anti-inflammatory and pain medication were not cutting it and had unwanted side effects.

Our open minded doctor suggested we try a well known topical medical marijuana product. We were skeptical that we’d see any pain relief. And, in fact, we didn’t. But we continued to hear stories that others had. What this lead to was a year long series of experiments to create a topical lotion that works well for us.

What we learned by testing our lotions on ourselves and friends was that the amount of THC in the topicals made a big difference in how pain was relieved. The higher level of THC the more relief.

We also found that there was a need for different types of topicals. For people, young and old, who work hard or play hard we developed the four topical products you see here.

The most concentrated are the Green Jaguar Balm and the Soothing Salve, both with 15% (by volume) of activated Cannabis oil.

The Jaguar Balm is modeled on an age old recipe. It may be a bit strong for everyone and every application. With that in mind, we created the Soothing Salve. It is less warming but still very potent. Both seem to work particularly well for friends with arthritis, hand and back pain and surprisingly on headaches. (Put it on the muscles at the base of the skull.)

The Hand & Body Lotion & the Bath Body & Massage Oil have a bit less (10% ) THC and are great for larger areas. Use it on painful backs, legs, shoulders and of course for a very relaxing massage.

For more intractable pain, you could try warming the area first, with a shower, bath or warm wash cloth or towel. This opens the pores and helps absorption. Then reapply after a few minutes.

Then as we learned of studies being done and read about some of the truly amazing success stories (everything from epilepsy to cancer) we were inspired to keep working at it.

We lost friends to cancer and watched them experience the horrible side effects of “treatment.” With that in mind we developed and continue to improve different strengths and combinations of Cannabinoids

We learned of the amazing properties of Cannabidiol or CBD). A major component of Cannabis, which is not psychoactive, but compliments THC to help provide relief of many aliments. More applications are being discovered and studied every day.

We certainly are not claiming that our products cure cancer or anything else. But we would recommend having a look at some of the links on this site to see what is being accomplished with the use of this excellent and powerful medication. Judge for yourself. It might help you out, as well.

We will continue to research and develop products that will actually work, work for us, work for our friends and work for you. We are a small operation and we will never produce huge quantities of medications, but we promise that what we do produce will be something you can feel good about using, and be something that will help you feel better.

About our Products

Thera-Cann was founded with the mission to help you feel better using the highest quality therapeutic Cannabis products.

Potent Strength
Our products are formulated to produce therapeutic effects. The stated quantities are guaranteed minimums, the actual values may be up to 10% higher.

Purity Tested
Our products are tested for potency, pesticides and mold by Steep Hill Halent or Pure Analytics Laboratories.

Natural Ingredients
We use natural and organic ingredients in the formulation of our products.

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Appropriate Dosage

Another thing we have learned is that the dosage of ANY medication is critical. You can’t really say something is “a dose.” A dose for someone who is 25 years old, 6’2 and 220 pounds and is a previous marijuana user is going to be VERY different than a first timer who is 65 year old, 5’2” weighs 125 pounds.

Saying a full dropper of tincture is one dose, without knowing how many milligrams of THC is in that dropper is like playing a guessing game with your body. It might be a too much for you, it might do nothing. You wouldn’t buy aspirin, or most any medication if they didn’t tell you what the strength was. Certainly anything as powerful and Cannabis should be treated with at least as much caution and care.

We have worked quite hard to generate consistent dosages based on how many milligrams (mg) of THC or CBD are in each milliliter (ml) of our medicines and how much is in each bottle.

With this information, you can learn, by taking it slowly, what is the best dosage for you. If you should find our medication helpful, whether it be the topicals, tinctures or capsules, and you decide to use them again you can expect to have the same outcome, not disappointment or a surprise.