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Some kind words from our customers …

I  received some small samples of your products from my doctor … I have used various numbers of lotions and oils and balms and your product by far exceeds anything I’ve used in the past 15 years. I have severe pain throughout my body, but especially in my neck and head. I have headaches almost 24 hrs. a day and I don’t sleep much. But your products have helped to reduce some of the most severe pain. Thank you.

—Jessie L.


After pruning all day your green Jaguar Balm made a world of difference for my aching hands.

—John S.


People at  Thera-Cann,

 l have been an Alaskan commercial fisherman for 38 years and I now have arthritis and Raynauds disease that cause great pain and discomfort in my hands. I have found that Thera-Cann lotion has really helped with the swelling and pain from my arthritis. It absorbs quickly and doesn’t have an overpowering scent like most other lotions.

—Richard  J.


Dear Thera-Cann,

I am a piano player, a writer, a gardener, working mother. My hands, my hands! Your salve has saved my hands! I was beginning to suffer little aches and pains in the tops of my fingers and sides of my wrists.

The salve relieves those little pains. Now I am using it on other parts of my body. If I feel a little irritation or soreness, the salve “nips it in the bud.” That may sound silly, but it’s true. And I had to write to you to tell you how grateful I am for your product.

Oh! and another thing! It doesn’t smell like I just put medicine on. Thank you for your beautiful, well thought-out product. I am telling everyone.

—Barbara S.


I have  been recovering from two broken fingers, and after my (painful) physical therapy, the soothing salve does just what the name says—it soothes the skin AND “alleviates muscle and joint pain.” I really look forward to using it!

The Jaguar Balm is also a winner—I like to use it on my elbow, which has bursitis (tennis elbow). The deep warming effect is awesome, and I’m sure that the reason it feels better longer than other “menthol” type rubs is the special “Cann-ingredients” that help reduce inflammation.

Keep it up Thera-Cann!

Jeremy G.


Green Jaguar works like magic on my arthritic fingers, nothing like it.

Nancy A.


People at  Thera-Cann,

I am a bit of a skin emollient snob. The right combination of scent, texture, thickness/thinness, and moisturizing qualities is surprisingly elusive. So, when I tried some of your Thera-Cann products, I didn’t expect much. Now, I can hardly keep them in the house. The Hand/Body lotion has become my favorite “woman to woman” gift. It smells absolutely delicious, but does not overpower the room. I carry it with me everywhere now.

Sally J.


The massage oil rocks! Talk about relaxing. Thanks!

Lucy F.


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